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Twelve Stripes - online gallery

Continued restrictions on travel around Scotland and the UK in general have meant that many people that would have been able to see exhibitions will miss them and many exhibitions have been cancelled. Those that have managed to stage exhibitions should be applauded.

Fortunately, my exhibition at Talla na Mara has still taken place but recently the access to site has also had to be restricted.

I'm aware that many people want to see all of the exhibited images. Initially my intention was to hold back on sharing on line so that those that visited the exhibition saw all of the images first. However, 2020 has no regard for plans and intentions.

In response to this situation I've created what I've called an online gallery so that more of you can at least see the chosen photographs. There are three sets of images each representing the three walls of Talla na Mara where the images are hanging. Click on the image to the right to see the galleries in full. When I hopefully get back to site in December I'll have decent photographs of each wall to add to these galleries via an edit.

Limited edition prints are still available - see here for more detail.

And of course, if you can, please do visit the exhibition, the images were printed to be seen.


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