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Three birds

The sub-heading of this journal and the website is Photos, Birds, Occasional Words. More often than not, I don't have much to add in the way of description or explanations to the photographs that I share here. Nonetheless, words do, on Occasion appear and regular readers of these pages may have noticed that the text that accompanies photographs in some post is often just the names of three species of bird. But why?

Since I was young I have always been fascinated by birds and take every opportunity to watch, listen, identify and enjoy the birds that are around me. By using three species of birds for the journal text I am sharing this additional knowledge with you, bringing a further layer of context to the photographs. Clues and pointers to local geography, seasonality, time, weather, habitat and even just my attentiveness to the location give additional depth to the collection of images.

Many of my photographs, and especially those collated and shared on these pages, are intentionally producing a narrative but one that isn't necessarily mine. The idea of this photography is to show, not tell.

Sharing the names of three species of birds often tell you more of what lies around a group of photographs than a few paragraphs from me could.

A parcel of Oystercatchers
A parcel of Oystercatchers

A conspiracy of Ravens
A conspiracy of Ravens

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