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Lost images

I was in Harris last week to hang my exhibition at Talla na Mara. When the initial weather forecasts for the day came along, all looked well. As the day of the visit approached, the forecasts turned windier and wetter. In the end the day was a fair representation of driech.

The opportunities for photography during the day were limited, but on the way back from Tarbert, the area around Seilebost and Luskentyre was still looking beautiful and a stop in arguably the best layby in the world was made.

Sielebost and Luskentyre viewed from the best road side stop in the world

It didn't look like this. This is what it looked like on another day.

On this day the tide was further in than in this image, the sky was grey but the colour of the water and the configuration of the sands was both beautiful and intriguing. I spent a short time taking some photographs while dodging the rain before getting back in the car and carrying on.

When I was back at my desk that evening, I came to download the files. Nothing. Not a hint of an image from the stop was there. The SD card had files from before the stop and files from after the stop. But as far as the layby was concerned, there was nothing to show. Not even a shot of someone walking some dogs on a distant shore.

All I have now are memories that cannot be shared online, arguably no bad thing once in a while...

Walking the dogs on a beach in the western isles of scotland

If you are in Harris, a short way from this view you can find my exhibition at Talla na Mara until the end of the month - more here.


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