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The events that I have been able to celebrate in 2020 have run their course, a suitable time for a visual refresh as it seems that 2021 is, after a long wait, about to begin. An update of my website is complete which you can navigate via the menu bar at the top of this page and you may have noticed changes on social media profiles over the last few days. The Galleries have been both updated and expanded and I have now added a Project section where progressions that have been completed and still in progress are being shown.

As the year progresses I will continue to be focusing on and sharing work from existing projects, (especially leading up to the completion of the build at Cnoc Soilleir) alongside new photography from Uist and beyond. If you want to see the work before everyone else please subscribe to notifications via this page or follow my instagram feed.

How the physical side of being able to share my work with both residents and visitors to the islands is yet to be worked through. As usual, if you have any requests please get in touch.

What do photographers do during power cuts?

Waiting for the ferry, Isle of Barra

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