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Trees and alt-text

The latest prediction is that Twitter is expected to lost 32 million users over the two years. Previous predictions expected it to collapse under the weight of vitriol that was to be unleashed during the world cup, which as I type hasn't happened. Both the expected collapse and the lurch to the right on the platform have pushed many people to try Mastodon as an alternative to Twitter. I've started up an account and you can find me here.

Mastodon isn't the same as Twitter, but it is happy about this. One thing I have learned so far is that the use of alt-text for images is de rigueur. I knew that alt-text existed and that it helped with search engines etc, but what I didn't know is that the supplied text for an image is read aloud by screen readers used by visually impaired users. From here on, I'll be adding text to images.


Those that have visited or live on Uist know that there are not very many trees. I can't be the only one that, having crossed The Minch, gets a little excited about seeing trees.

This selection is from a recent visit to Skye.

Line of trees with sunlight at the left, high exposure  silhouettes.

Fence line leads from the left to a lone tree, highly contrasted image with dark sky and deep foreground shadows.

Collection of mostly vertical pine trunks, sunlight pools through a gap on the left hand side.


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