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Uist Unearthed

I was recently commissioned to take some photographs for the Uist Unearthed project that is run by the UHI Outer Hebrides.

The resulting images have been overlaid with reproductions of the settlements that once sat in the landscape (in the case below a Viking long house at Bornais). The images have then been reproduced at nearly 6m wide to provide a backdrop to the Uist Unearthed exhibition. This exhibition uses Augmented Reality headsets to enable the visitor to explore the settlement as they would have been in pre-history and even walk into the buildings!

The exhibition was recently at Kildonan Museum in South Uist, and will be appearing at various locations around the Western Isles (and beyond) in the coming month.

Tomorrow the exhibition will form part of the Festival of Archaeology at the British Museum.

Uist Unearthed, Kildonan Museum, South Uist


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