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Claddach Kirkibost

I was fortunate enough to spend the afternoon at the Claddach Kirkibost Centre in North Uist on Friday when I was at the Christmas Craft Fair alongside my wonderful wife (many of you will already know that we run Skydancer Coffee Roasters). A big thank you to those that bought prints on the day!

During the quieter periods in the afternoon I was able to escape to take some photographs of the view. And what a view!

With the tide falling through the afternoon, there was time to explore the textures of the bay looking to Kirkibost Island and the Atlantic Ocean beyond.

I often get asked about the technique that is used for producing the stripe images, and just as often what lens or camera is used. On the whole I generally deflect these questions preferring to focus on the photograph and what the result are rather than the process used. However, in a small nod to the requests and to show, in a way, what is being produced the image below is of the same time and space as the first image in this post.

I'm already planning images for when I return to this location! Like all of Uist it is overflowing with beauty and inspiration.


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